Community Outreach


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FTC Kickoff

We had the awesome opportunity of hosting the FTC Kickoff today! Where teams from all across southeast Michigan came to learn, connect, and prepare for this upcoming FTC Season!

To join our Troy Robotics Foundation Discord Network, check out our website: 

Athens Activity Fair

Today was our Athens School Activity Fair, where we got to display our robot from last season and connect with tons of students at the school that are interested in joining the team!


Round two!! We competed at MARC II this weekend in Monroe! 

We had a blast, and we can't wait until next competition!

Rainbow Rumble

Hosting in Mason, Michigan by Tractor Technicians, we competed in the first FIRST Robotics Competition Offseason event, which was completely staffed by members of the LGBTQ+ community - which included people from Florida, to California, to Indiana, and of course Michigan!!

Congrats to Nithin on his scholarship for his impact on our team's community!

MARC I Volunteering (Jefferson High School)

This past weekend, our team wanted to volunteer at an off-season competition to hang out with our robot friends, and what we got in return was a competition to remember!

With only 15 teams present, there was a need for a 16th team to even out the playing field. With the assistance of FRC 226, FRC 302, and FRC 3538, we were able to quickly put together a Kit Bot and compete as FRC 1528.

FTC Troy MAYhem Event (Troy High School)

We had the pleasure of working with FRC Team 226 - The Hammerheads, to run the FTC Troy MAYhem offseason event. During this event, members of our team served as judges, field reset, robot inspectors, on-site robot builders, and food eaters!

We had an awesome time, and we can't wait for next season's MAYhem event.

Boy Scouts Demo (Wattles Elementary School)

We had the pleasure of working with FTC Team 11717 - Circuit Breakers from Baker Middle School to demo the different levels of FIRST to a group of Boy Scouts at Wattles Elementary.

Students got to hear about both teams, what we do, how we build cool robots, and where they can get more information to sign-up.

We can't wait to see who from the crowd will become future FIRST experts! Thanks for inviting us Boy Scouts!