Our team's initiatives empower Argonauts to be STEAM Community Leaders!

GOLD (Girls Organizing Leadership Directives)

Purpose: To create a welcoming environment to empower Women In STEAM

Ways We Show Our Support


Purpose: To promote inclusivity and awareness to remove barriers for the LGBTQ+ community by building a support network

Ways We Show Our Support


Purpose: To 3D Print parts to support FRC and FTC Teams

How Do We Do This

Advocacy & Outreach

Purpose: To impact our community by introducing and advocating for FIRST and STEAM education

Events We Support

Troy Robotics Foundation Support
(TRF Support)

Purpose: To build a sustainable support system to expand FIRST Programs in Troy

Learn more about the Troy School District Bond Proposal here!

Events We Support:

Argo Career Track

Purpose: To support student career growth while engaging with the education community

We believe that our Network = Net Worth. The best way to engage and enhance our community's knowledge base is by taking the extra step to make the first connection!

How Do We Grow Our Networks

Students for Environmental Activism

Purpose: To create a sustainable future through environmental activism in our shop and community

How Do We Promote Environmental Activism

Troy Robotics Foundation Support

We are a TRF Team!

Troy Robotics Foundation (TRF) is a nonprofit with the focus of promoting robotics programs and sustainable support for robotics teams across the local Troy Community.

TRF works within the Troy School District in order to inspire the formation of robotics teams as they compete in programs such as FIRST, OCCRA, and more! 

Our team supports TRF in running Summer LEGO Camps and the FTC Troy Summer League! In addition, we also support TRF in hosting FLL, FTC and FRC Events at our school. More information about these events can be found on the TRF Website.

FIRST Robotics

Our team participates in FIRST!

FIRST is an international organization which uses competitive robotics to promote and celebrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

FIRST puts high school students side by side with professional mentors to learn skills in fields such as engineering, marketing, animation, and business.

Core Values
Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork, Fun!